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We deliver global security and cybersecurity strategy against threats.

Conoce nuestro nuevo servicio CISO AS a SERVICE. Mas ventajas para tu empresa

Find out our new service, 
CISO AS a SERVICE, and get more benefits for your company.

Our experienced CISOs team, will help you build your company's security capabilities, aligning information security with business objectives. Project or subscription mode.

reunión de negocios
reunión de negocios


Based on several security standards, our assessments allow us to evaluate the organization’s maturity level, according to its core-business.

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Users Vulnerability


Social engineering uses a variety of methods to deceive and manipulate people into sharing confidential and private information.

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Ethical Hacking


Adressing and mitigating vulnerabilities is the initial step in limiting the exposure to attacks and cyberattacks.

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ISO 27001


We provide our clients the expertise in assessing and establishing the appropriate enforcement actions.

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GAP Analysis

ISO 27001

We identify gaps for compliance with ISO27001, a framework that allows the company to apply a standardized approach to information security.

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Document Management


An information security set of documents is a communication mean with the staff, it is a way of establishing rules to prevent, protect and manage the various risks and it is associated with possible compliance features.

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& Training

Succesful security has place only when employees know and understand the expectations and responsibilities.

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Our security professionals are qualified to lead projects that include security planning, security audits, penetration tests and awareness and training programs development.

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CISO AS a Service

We offer a close and exclusive support service of CISOs actually on the job, with professional experience to advise and support decisions and recommendations according each company's needs.

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Espacio de trabajo moderna

By evaluating risks, we provide

improvement opportunities.

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