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Nowadays, information security is an essential part of any operational processes in most organizations.

The skill of understanding, implementing, and maintaining an effective security program is critical not only to protect information assets and operations, but to the company's survival. Employees or collaborators are part of an organization’s attack surface, and assuring that they have the knowledge to protect themselves and the company against threats is the critical part of a successful information security program. Security can only be effective if collaborators know and understand their responsibilities.

El Muro de las Ideas

Since technology develops and moves forward so quickly, suitable training must be offered to collaborators on a regular basis. Appropriate training assures a more effective and efficient use of information system resources and enhances staff motivation.

We address the human dimension of cybersecurity by offering an information security awareness program and a continuous training service to help staff use information technology safely.


Because of our service, employees will understand the company's security policies and procedures and will be aware of their personal responsibilities as part of a management system to keep proper operational and logical security.

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