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Los socios comerciales en el Trabajo

We design the assessment according to our customer´s needs.

We base our work on international standards (NIST, ISO, FFIEC among others) and employ a variety of tools and techniques to assess the risks and level of exposure to threats along with the maturity and ability of the organization to face them. Based on the results, we offer advice and action plans to help improve security and enhance the efficiency of any investment needs.

Security Assessment

An assessment is the first step towards a project success.

Our work key benefit is supported by different security standards, allowing us to measure the company’s maturity level in terms of its core-business.

By means of an initial in-depth analysis, which is a priority when it comes to assessing the state of situation, it will allow us to identify the real facts that will help to accurately size and optimize the resources needed to achieve the desired level of maturity.

The main benefit of this product is set in the saving of unnecessary costs, avoiding oversizing, while reducing the implementation phase, achieving higher customer satisfaction.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Today the approach to security is challenged by the natural evolution of systems and networks. We cannot focus only on prevention based on the network perimeter, ignoring external threats.

New paradigms such as cloud, mobile and service-oriented architecture (SOA), among others, require us to focus outside the perimeter.

So let us talk about a unique service with the bonus of considering security as cybersecurity. We based on a continuous cycle model, with an initial phase of in-depth evaluation in terms of risk and level of maturity.

The benefit will be reflected in projects that take little time, involve little risk, and require few resources and costs, with an over-arching look that puts aside the traditional security concept.

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