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Document Management

Organizational and administrative issues cause technology and information management to be complex and difficult to perform.

Efforts will need to be coordinated and guided as to achieve a secure and productive IT environment, which allows the fulfillment of business objectives, through the single administration of human and technological resources. Without controls that integrate efforts and knowledge, these tasks can become complex, giving place to a disordered and confusing environment. This is why having policies, standards, methodologies and procedures that regulate the functions and activities of technology and information security is essential for an organization.


A set of information security documents, including policies, standards, methodologies and procedures of the different information security processes (BIA, BCP, etc.), is a way of communicating with the staff, since they provide a formal way of acting in relation to the company's IT resources and services. Likewise, this set of documents is closely linked to compliance issues before the company's possible controller and/or governing authority.

In addition, these documents set the basis on how the company prevents, protects and manages the various risks regardless their nature.

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